AC Stretchers are made of basswood, a lightweight, medium density, straight grained wood that is very stable when dry and therefore less susceptible to warping than other woods, making it a perfect choice for high quality, professional grade stretchers.

Fixed Stretcher.jpg


With a tongue and groove joined, two-part opposing grain frame and reinforcing crossbars, this stretcher offers both structural integrity and economy. The fixed stretcher can also be made in sections that are joined by aluminum angle mending plates for convenience in moving.

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The go-to stretcher for professionals, the professional expansion stretcher is equipped with mechanical corners and crossbars that allow for easy adjustment to the surface tension with the simple twist of ball joints located on all corners and crossbars. This stretcher can be taken completely apart in lengths or divided by a joint, and can also be made in sections with aluminum angle mending plates, making it a practical choice for large format paintings.



A favorite of conservators who are replacing old stretchers, the tenon & key is perfect for delicate surfaces, as the surface tension can be easily adjusted by tapping in the wooden pegs located on the corners and crossbars. This stretcher can be taken completely apart and can also be made in sections with aluminum mending plates for easy assembly.



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