Art Crating manufactures custom crates, travel frames, pedestals and an array of custom display items. We offer three types of crates – E-Crate, Standard and Museum Crates – all of which conform to the highest industry standards. We are an Independent Cargo Screening Facility in full compliance with government regulations enforced by the Transportation Security Administration.




Museum Crate.jpg

Able to withstand any travel conditions, our museum crate can be designed to the specifications of clients, collectors and conservators alike. Museum-quality materials include MDO construction, closure plates, rubber gasket lining and polycrylic moisture coating. Interiors can be customized with specific foam linings, insulation board, "crate-within-a-crate" and much more.


standard crate

Standard Crate.jpg

The quintessential industry crate, the standard crate can be adapted to accommodate any object, no matter how large or small. With pine-framed plywood, this durable crate is ideal for multiple shipments or long-term storage.




The efficiency crate is the optimal crating choice when economy and expediency are in order. Its streamlined, cost-effective construction features ¾-inch plywood, bumpers, 2 x 4 skids and 1-inch ethafoam lining, and is designed to weather multiple shipments.




The travel frame (T-frame) is ideal for works with sensitive surfaces that cannot come in contact with wrapping materials of any kind. In addition to our standard construction of pine framing with pine battens and metal handles, we offer custom solutions, such as Coroplast facings for additional protection and solid plywood backing for irregularly shaped works. With the artwork suspended and safely secured inside, the travel frame can be packed into a crate for international travel, or transported as-is for domestic shipments or storage.




The gallery pedestal sets the industry standard for elegance and durability. Starting with our basic mitred MDF construction, our pedestals can be custom designed, with options in wood types, finishes, adjustable feet, reveals, interior reinforcing, Plexiglas bonnets and internal mounting systems. The Art Crating Fabrication Department also offers display tables, metal shelving and countless other custom display fixtures.